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              About us
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              Qujiang district
              Shaoguan City
              GuangDong Province
              No.11 at Industry road

              E-mail: sghhzg@126.com

              About us

                    Guangdong  Heng Hua Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd.,was established in 1993.We produce steel structure jointing part and relevant products.and logistic.We have integrated technics of metal machining,riveting welding,assemblage and heat treatment.WE have passed ISO9001 certification and guarantee you the product quality with fullset of quality management system.
                Our company takes "ustomer oriented,quality first and lay store by credit standing" as the developing steadily and healthily,and our company scope is expanded and the throughput is swelling ship with China Metallurgy Jingcheng Co.,Ltd., China Metallurgy Saidi Co.,Ltd.,China Metallurgy Changtian Co.,Ltd., LiuZhou Steel Co.,Ltd.,Kunming Steel Co.,Ltd.,Xinyu Steel Co.,Ltd.,Shaoguan Steel Co.,Ltd..Our products are selling to everywhere in China and export to Bangladesh and Brazil,etc,and welcomed by users at home and abroad.

              Address:Qujiang district Shaoguan City,GuangDong Province,No.11 at Industry road  postalcode:512100 
              Phone: +86-0751-6660665 Fax: +86-0751-6666397 Email: sales@sghhzg.com
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